• Even after giving birth to hundreds of the gems in the field of the literature like Valmiki, Vedvyas, Bhavbhuti, Mitra Mishra,  Jagnik, Goswami Tulsidas, Aacharya Keshavdas, Bihari, Bhushan, Padmakar, Chandrasakhi, Ishuri, Rai Praveen, Subhadrakumari Chauhan, Seth Govind Das and Rastrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt, Ghasiram Vyas, Dr. Vrindravanlal Verma........

..........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

  • Even after giving rise to thousands of stars like the great warriors Allah Udal, Padmini of Virata, Veer Singh Dev glorious Chatrasaal, the greatest martyr Hardaul, Veerangana Durgavati Rehali’s revolutionary, Bundela, the flame of independence Rani Laxmibai, the queen of Ramgars, word famous revolutionary Pandit Parmanand, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mahor and Malkapurkar.............

.........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

  • Even after giving birth to uncountable talent filled artists like sangeet samrat Tansen, the great singer Baiju, Mrindangacharya Kudau, world champion wrestler Gama, hockey wizard Dhyanchand, Ustad Adil and Painter Kalicharan............

..........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

  • Even after treasuring a chain of shrines like Chitrakoot, Orchha, Lalinjar, Amar Kantak, Sonagiri, Pavagri, Sun-Temple at Unnao and centres of archeology and temples like Khajuraho, Devgarh, Ajaygarh, Chanderi and Gwalior........

..........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

  • Even after having thousand acres of fertile soil, assiduous farmers, labourers living on Bassia Lalifolia (Mahua) and blessed with several nectar filled rivers like Narmada, Betwa, Ken, Dhasan Chambal, Sindh, Pahuj; the milky rivers.........

..........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

  • Even after treasuring immeasurable mineral repertory - Gold, Silver, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Mica and Alabaster in the Vindhyachal Mountains and having the mines of diamond and emerald marble of Bedaghat........

...........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

  • Even after being the first centre of the Independence movement, sacrificing thousands in the fight for independence and being foremost in compliance.........

...........Bundelkhand still remains backward and poor

Why is it so?

Every person from Bundelkhand should ask for the answer to these questions from his/her conscience.

The representatives, the legislators and the leaders of extremely harmonious and tolerant people of Bundelkhand should answer this question themselves or should take it from the people who are responsible for this.

Why Bundelkhand remains the same, even after 66 years of independence?  How can this stigma of poverty and backwardness be removed? Kindly notify us of your views on the same.


After the Formation of Bundelkhand State

Let us all be a part of this great effort and pledge for the formation of Bundelkhand State.

The political and administrative leadership of Bundelkhand will be in the hands of its own people which will result in an all round development of this area. To develop this area and to raise the living standards of its people, the formation of Bundelkhand State is a must.

After the formation of Bundelkhand state, all the facilities, that have so far, not touched the borders of Bundelkhand, will be useful for the people of small cities and towns. These facilities include Central Govts. budget plan for the state, IIT, IIM, Medical Technology and higher educational centres, secretaries to ministers, Directorate of Public Service Commission, Educational Commission, High Court, Business tax and Income tax, Labour Court and offices of other administrative departments. These will directly provide benefit to the people of this area.

Few major gains would be


  • The revenue which is paid to the State Government in the form of stamp duty, registry, royalty, which amounts to millions of rupees will come back to us and will be used in the development of Bundelkhand region.
  • Whatever work will be done by the CM of Bundelkhand, will add to the development of this region.
  • Dams will be built on the 30 rivers of Bundelkhand and production will increase as we already have a lot of land available on which industries will be setup. The big industrialists will come and setup their industrial ventures here. Therefore, the youth will not migrate to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat in search of work. They will not face any problem in finding work in big towns and cities of Bundelkhand region.
  • Establishment of production units will create vacancies for clerks, officers and engineers and even labour.
  • The institution granting recognition to schools will be of Bundelkhand state itself and sufficient recognitions will be granted to schools and colleges.
  • Primary, Middle and Higher Education Boards will have their offices in Bundelkhand and they will create vacancies for the educated unemployed youths of Bundelkhand,
  • In place of Allahabad, the High Court will be located in Bundelkhand region. This will provide employment opportunities for the lawyers, advocates and Honourable Judges including thousands of babus, peons etc.
  • Bar Council will be in Bundelkhand instead of Uttar Pradesh.
  • CPMT in Bundelkhand will provide opportunities to our children to become doctors.
  • The students of Bundelkhand who appear in Competitive exams will be free from the influence of those students who have attained higher education & have political connections, money and power.
  • Employment will be provided in lift irrigation plans where thousands of acres of uneven land will be made plain and shall be utilized for agriculture
  • The Agricultural mining and irrigation departments will be local.
  • The districts will be small, resulting in more offices, more members of parliament, more vacancies and hence more employment opportunities will be there.
  • There will be more development funds and hence more development will take place in the region.
  • The number of schools & colleges will increase and we will have our own Vice Chancellor. The posts from peons to professors will be given to people of Bundelkhand.
  • The Police-men, constables, clerks etc. in the Police and excise department will be chosen from people of Bundelkhand.
  • The technical educational institutes, Medical College, Ayurvedic educational institutes, industrial educational centres and engineering colleges will be located in the Bundelkhand region, their infrastructure and workers will be from Bundelkhand.
  • The Servicemen who draw low salaries will only be transferred in their regional areas.
  • The best players, cultural artists, writers and authors will be our own from Bundelkhand region.
  • Bundelkhand will set an example in the country by giving water for irrigation to every land and employment to every youth in the region.
  • There will be no more irregular power supply. Sufficient hydroelectricity will be generated in our own plants which will also provide employment to the people of Bundelkhand region.
  • Pension scheme will be introduced for Semi-Government employees.
  • The Agricultural farm workers and Daily wage workers — working on daily basis will be given wages as per the Minimum wages Act.
  • Old Peasants will be set free from the old bank loans; they will be given new Bank loans so that they get a chance to improve their standard of living.